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Internships are a great way to work for the summer, identify what you want to do after graduation, and to add to your resume. Some internships pay very well, other opportunities do not pay anything. The Principles of getting a good internship are the same as getting a job.

Apply Early

The best time to look for summer internships is during Christmas break. The first internship deadlines are Jan. 15. Feb 1 and Feb. 15th are big deadline dates. Most programs have application deadlines on these two dates. A few programs have deadlines as late as March 15th, but if you haven't applied during February your options are very limited.

Express a genuine interest

Write a letter, call, or even visit your internship 'boss'. Tell them what you are interested in and how cool their work is. Ask them questions about their research/business. Do this before you apply.

Apply to internships to 'test' a career

As a student, you are not in any 'rut' of a professional career. In fact, it may be in your best interest to get exposure to several 'professions' before getting more schooling such as graduate or medical/dental school. With that said, there are a WIDE variety of opportunities out there. Check out some of the links on the college internship page.

Below, we in the department have compiled a few suggestions about getting the internship you want. We also have a database of internships that students have done in the past. Many of them are listed in the database under the 'Opportunities' link in the menu above. The College of Life Sciences has some Internship resources.
Click here for more details.

Paid Spring/Summer Internship

Focus Area Science Background to work alongside a Broader
Impacts Partner of the National Science Foundation
Institution SHAKE YOUR PEACE! and The Whupestra
Location Salt Lake City, Utah
To apply, please send a letter of interest and resume/CV to Please specify your preferred start date (the start date could be as soon as this week, or as late as May or June). The intern will be compensated with a stipend (approximately $3,000 for ~250 hours of work depending on experience and performance).
Click here for more details.

Apprenticeship at ERDC

Focus Area Geospatial Sciences, Water Resources, and Environmental Science
Institution U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center (ERDC)
Location Vicksburg, MS, USA
POC: Dr. Josh LeMonte, 601-634-7551,

Seasonal Avian Technician Positions at US Army DPG

Focus Area Avian Monitoring
Institution Dugway Proving Ground
Location Dugway, UT
More Info

Vegetation Monitoring Tech Position at DPG

Focus Area Vegetation Monitoring
Institution Dugway Proving Ground
Location Dugway, UT
More Info

Research Biology Intern (Turfgrass Science)

Focus Area Turfgrass Science
Location Columbus, OH
More Info

Agronomy Internship

Focus Area Agronomy
Institution Thanksgiving Point
Location Thanksgiving Point Golf Club Lehi, Utah
More Info

Professional Internship

Focus Area Aquaculture, Biotechnology, Entomology, Plant Science
Institution Disney Animals, Science & Environment
Location Orlando, Florida
More Info


Focus Area Landscape Management
Institution Grunder Landscaping Co.
Location Dayton, OH
More Info

Conservation & Land Management Internship Program

Focus Area Conservation & Land Management
Institution Chicago Botanic Garden
Location Varies on position
More Info