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Vegetation Monitoring Tech Position at DPG

Focus Area: Vegetation Monitoring
Institution Name: Dugway Proving Ground
Location: Dugway, UT


Dugway Proving Ground Natural Resource Office (NRO) is looking for 2 temporary vegetation monitoring technicians to assist with vegetation monitoring and restoration projects at Dugway Proving Ground. The technicians will work closely with the Restoration Specialist on a day-to-day basis collecting plant data, live fuel moisture sampling, collecting photomonitoring data and working in the greenhouse.

Applicants must have both a basic botanical and ecological background, with attention to detail, ability to work as part of a team and follow procedure. Preferred applicants will have experience with plant identification, data collection, Trimble, GPS, and photography. Applicants are expected to work four, 10 hour days (Monday –Thursday) over several weeks this summer.

Dugway Greenhouse:

Technicians will assist in planting and caring for plant materials to be used for various restoration projects including fuel break establishment and fire restoration.

Live Fuel Moisture Sampling:

Field technicians will learn how to sample and dry vegetation for use in determining the moisture of live fuels at DPG.


The team of two field techs will visit sites across the entire landscape of Dugway to collect field and photographic data at repeat photography sites. The data will be stitched into panoramic photographs and analyzed to show landscape scale changes.

Vegetation Surveys:

Field technicians primary responsibility will be to monitor site conditions of fuel breaks as part of the DPG Fire Management Plan. Technicians will perform transect surveys which include Daubenmire, line intercept & gap, soil texture, wildlife use and species inventory. Vegetation ID skills

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