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Zach Aanderud

Plant & Wildlife Sciences

4125 LSB
Provo, UT 84602


I am an a professor of microbial ecology and biogeochemistry born and raised in Portland OR and educated at BYU, the University of California Davis, and Michigan State University. I feel that the purpose of my professional life is to teach students about the interconnectedness of life within the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere and promote environmental sustainability through ecological truths, gospel principles, and charity.

Research Interests

Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry—Much of my research focuses on the impact of bacteria on water quality and applications of microbial ecology in biotechnology, specifically identifying the temporal implications of nutrients on harmful cyanobacteria blooms and harnessing the power of extremophilic bacteria to enhance the anaerobic digestion of waste and the generation of biogas.

Teaching Interests

While I teach Environmental Biology (PWS 150 a science elective for non-science majors), Biogeochemistry (PWS 365), Biogeochemistry Lab (PWS 366), and Aquatic and Terrestrial Biogeochemistry), I attempt build on the student's existing knowledge and encourage the individual to develop their own conceptual links between what the student knows and the topic/information being introduced. This approach allows the student to not only internalize the information but encourages the individual to take ownership in the learning process and often reevaluate their preconceived opinions. Since this is a more collaborative approach to education, much of my curriculum is discussion-oriented, project-based, and involves small group work.


  • International Society of Microbial Ecology (2010 - Present)
  • Soil Science Society of America (2009 - Present)
  • Ecological Society of America (2004 - Present)

Professional Citizenship

  • Committee/Council Member, Soil Science Society of America (2010 - Present)

Courses Taught


Elizabeth M Ogata Michelle A Baker Emma J Rosi Trevor B Smart Donald Jr Long Zachary T Aanderud Zachary Thomas Aanderud Sabrina Saurey Becky A. Ball Diana H. Wall John E. Barrett Mario E. Muscarella Natasha A. Griffin Ross A. Virginia Albert Barberan Byron James Adams Zachary T Aanderud Jason Bahr David M Robinson Jayne Belnap Tayte P Campbell Richard A Gill Brock R McMillan Samuel B St Clair Jennifer Kearl Caitlyn McNary James Scott Lowman Chuansheng Mei Zachary Thomas Aanderud Steven T. Smith Jason West Emily Colton Michelle Hamson Brent Nielsen William C. Richardson Turmandakh Badrakh Bruce A. Roundy Zackary T. Aanderud Steven L. Petersen Phil S. Allen Dallin R. Whitaker Matthew D Madsen Zachary T Aanderud S. Saurey B. A. Ball D. H. Wall J. E. Barrett M. E. Muscarella N. A. Griffin R. A. Virginia Byron J Adams W. C. Richardson D. R. Whitaker K. P. Sant N. S. Barney R. S. Call Bruce A Roundy Zachary Thomas Aanderud Matthew D Madsen Zachary Thomas Aanderud Trevor Smart Wu Nan Alex Taylor Yuanming Zhang Jayne Belnap Zachary Thomas Aanderud Donald R Schoolmaster Deborah Rigby Jordan Bybee Tayte Campbell Bruce A Roundy Zachary Thomas Aanderud Donald R Schoolmaster Jordan Bybee Tayte Campbell Bruce A Roundy Jordan Bybee Bruce A Roundy Kert R Young April Hulet Darrell B Roundy Leann Crook Zachary Thomas Aanderud Dennis Lee Eggett Nathan L Cline Gregory T Carling David Gordon Tingey Diego Fernandez Stephen Tracy Nelson Zachary Thomas Aanderud Timothy Goodsell Tucker Chapman Owen Baughman Susan Meyer Zachary Thomas Aanderud Elizabeth Leger Zachary Thomas Aanderud Stuart Jones Noah Fierer Jay Lennon Elise Gornish Zachary Thomas Aanderud Roger Shelley Tony Svejcar M Rinella Susanne Englund James Jeremy Zachary Thomas Aanderud Stuart E Jones Donald Schoolmaster Noah Fierer Jay T Lennon Jay T Lennon Zachary Thomas Aanderud Brent K Lehmkuhl Donald R Schoolmaster Zachary Thomas Aanderud Jay T Lennon Zachary Thomas Aanderud J H Richards T Svejcar J J James Zachary Thomas Aanderud J H Richards


T. Sowards Zachary Thomas Aanderud Steven L Petersen Samuel B St Clair S. Kitchen Bruce A Roundy Matthew D Madsen
W. C. Richardson Bruce A Roundy Zachary Thomas Aanderud K. Sant Matthew D Madsen
Zachary Thomas Aanderud
Zachary Thomas Aanderud
Bruce A Roundy Bruce A Roundy J. Bybee Kert R Young A. Hulet Zachary Thomas Aanderud N. Cline R. Miller R. Tausch J. Chambers.