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Aanderud Lab of Microbiology and Biogeochemistry

In the Aanderud Lab, we acknowledge the pivotal role microorganisms play in the regulation of global biogeochemical cycles and essential biochemical systems within the human body. The foundation of terrestrial life is underpinned by the vast diversity of microbial life forms, indicating their dominance and critical influence on Earth's ecosystems. Our research endeavors are directed towards elucidating the intricate functional relationships among these microorganisms, with a focus on their ecosystem-level implications.

Our multidisciplinary research portfolio encompasses several key areas. One of our primary areas of focus is on energy research, specifically targeting the exploitation of a particular family of hyperthermophilic bacteria to significantly enhance biofuel production through anaerobic digestion processes. Concurrently, our investigations extend into the realm of human health, particularly through the examination of functional biochemical interactions within the human gut microbiome, employing advanced bioinformatic methodologies.

The Aanderud Lab is committed to advancing our understanding of microbial ecology and its applications to both environmental sustainability and human health. We welcome collaboration and inquiry from those who share our passion for uncovering the microscopic mechanisms that shape our world.
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