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Arctic Ecology, Biochemistry, and Catchment Hydrology

NSF-Funded project seeking 3 PhD students and 1 postdoc

Brigham Young University, Michigan State University, and University of Vermont

Funded Positions Available:

Drs. Ben Abbott (BYU), Jay Zarnetske (MSU), Arial Shogren (MSU), Breck Bowden (UVM), and Jon O'Donnell (Alaska NPS) are seeking diverse and creative candidates for 3 PhD and 1 postdoc positions starting in spring or summer of 2020. Applications are requested by Monday December 2nd.

Project Background:

This collaborative NSF-funded project explores what happens to the vast stores of nutrients that are being released from thawing permafrost across the Arctic. Permafrost nutrients (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus) support plant growth but can also accelerate the production of greenhouse gases, affecting local habitat and strengthening the permafrost climate feedback. To investigate the fate of permafrost nutrients, we will use Arctic stream networks as multi-scale sensors of nutrient dynamics in rapidly changing permafrost ecosystems. Field work will take place across Arctic Alaska and will include synoptic sampling of remote river networks, hydrological measurements, and nutrient limitation experiments. Lab work will take place at BYU, MSU, and UVM, and will involve advanced biogeochemistry (optical, isotopic, and chemical analyses), spatial analysis, and ecohydrological modeling. There are abundant outreach and activism opportunities with a network of researchers, writers, performers, and outreach organizations. Students, Pis, and partners will work together to communicate the beauty of Arctic science and galvanize societal change.

To Apply:

Email CV and letter of interest to,, or


Additional info:

On project and research group: (@thermokarst), (@jzarnetskelab @DrArialShogren),