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Learning Objectives

Students who complete this case will be able to:

1. Describe the importance and limitations of scientific evidence in the policymaking process

2. Apply key terms, conceptual frameworks, and theories related to the policymaking process

3. Summarize the structures, functions, and aims of key stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of policy

4. Design a strategy to influence policy change using a variety of tools and approaches

5. Articulate persuasively how environmental issues are connected with human health, wellbeing, and economy

Application Activities

  1. In small groups, think of a local or national cause. Take 10-15 minutes to brainstorm an outline of how you would approach this issue through policy based on what you just learned. 

  2. Take a group of student volunteers or assign students to be either a state legislator/ or local city councilman/woman, Conserve Utah Valley member, or LRS member. Have LRS and CUV members prepare presentations to present to legislators or councilman/woman, and then have legislators or councilman/woman discuss options and vote 

  3. Find a congressman or congresswoman who represents you (either at the state or federal level), and write a letter about this or another issue.