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Sophie Hill

Ben Abbott Lab

Sophie Hill is a Postdoctoral Fellow researching human influence on the water cycle and how to actively represent it in the education and outreach resources that are widely available. This includes creating representations of the water cycle that highlight human impacts, using place-based examples, and incorporating seasonal patterns and long-term changes in climate. When all of this is done, she’ll help test the effectiveness of these new products and look for novel ways to widely distribute them. She received her Doctorate of Arts from Idaho State University, studying urban forest diversity, litterfall and its phenology, and how it all influences water quality flowing off the city. She attended BYU as an undergraduate, earning her B.S. in Integrative Biology while studying intertidal sea star predation. But her pride and joy was working as a K-12 math/science teacher for 7 years. She is the mom of 3 boys, loves volleyball, anything to do with water, and has all the proud-parent feels when games like “Alaskan salmon migration” are played at her house using teddy bears, blue blankets, and children leaping onto couches.