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Chari Guthrie

Chari has worked in the Life Science Greenhouse since May of 2021. She is a Biodiversity & Conservation major in the Department of Biology with a keen interest in the preservation of the natural and cultural history of Oceania.

Chari was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, and she enjoys botanical illustration, singing, playing piano, and keeping up her French and Tahitian language skills. She also loves insect and plant photography that she can't help but share online—to the chagrin of some of her entomophobic friends.

She says:
"The greenhouse is my safe haven! Especially during the winter months here in Utah. It's a happy place to work, thanks to all the organisms—human and plant alike—that I get to interact with every day. I would encourage every student at BYU to visit the greenhouse at least once. This unique facility was built and is maintained just for you!"

Chari plans on pursuing a career involved with the preservation of nature and culture in Oceania. Above all else, she wants to serve people and help them become the powerful stewards of earth and family that she knows they can be. She is enthusiastic about what the future holds.