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What is Landscape Management?

Landscape Management is a $70 billion dollar industry centered on designing, building and maintaining beautiful outdoor and indoor environments. This includes everything around you, from parks and properties to indoor malls and offices. 

BYU offers one of the industry's best programs, one that gives students hands-on experience through small class sizes, career fairs, clubs and competitions. These opportunities connect students with each other, employers and help equip each graduate with the skills necessary to successfully appreciate, create, install and manage beautiful landscapes. 

10 Reasons to Choose Landscape Management

1. Be #1 in the Nation

Our program ranked #1 in the 2017 National Planet Student Career Days Competition and in 8 of the last 10 years, we've placed in the top 3. 

2. Study Business, Art & Science

The Landscape Management Major offers the perfect blend of business management, design and plant science coursework. 

3. Be in Demand

A variety of companies from across the country come each year to specifically recruit students from our highly ranked program. 

4. Get Hired

Most program graduates receive multiple job offers long before graduating. Past students have had up to 8 job offers at one time!

5. Get into Graduate School

We boast a 95% admission rate into MBA, JD, MLA, PHD, MD, DDS, MS and MPA graduate programs. 



6. Know your Professors

Smaller class sizes and plenty of extracirriculars mean more time spent one-on-one with your professors. 

7. Travel the Country

Nearly every student in the major travels to participate in national conferences across the country. 

8. Be an Outdoor Living Specialist

Grads earning six-figure salaries still spend as much time working outside as they do inside. 

9. Go Green

Learn how to design, build and maintain the environment around you while using sustainable practices. 

10. Love what you do

A great job market and top ranked program ensure that you'll graduate doing work that you love, for a salary that you love too!