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Penstemon Species

Photos by Mikel Stevens
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Interest is increasing in drought tolerant landscape plants due to water shortages experienced by many municipalities, especially in the Southwestern US. However, the increased use of drought tolerant species also carries concerns regarding the introduction of non-native and potentially invasive species. One way to address both issues is to landscape with native xeric flora. Penstemon Mitchell (Plantaginaceae) has excellent potential for xeric landscapes and some Penstemon cultivars, adapted to mild climates, are already used throughout Europe as landscape plants. Despite its potential, few Penstemon cultivars are used in xeric landscapes and there has been little to no drought or cold tolerant cultivar development for such landscapes. Penstemon, with over 270 species, is one of the largest and most diverse plant genera of those that are strictly indigenous to North and Central America. This genus features a deep diversity in morphology, including a broad assortment of colors, flowers, and leaf structures. Penstemon’s putative center of origin is the arid Intermountain West of the United Statesand has frequently been discussed as an untapped resource for xeric landscape cultivar development. Because domestication and cultivar development, of any species, is slow, costly, and time consuming, few in the landscape industry have invested in native species breeding.

More on Penstemon

Pentstemon Research Publications

For additional information regarding our Penstemon research contact Dr. Mikel Stevens (BYU).

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