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Price Lists

Pricing for soil, bio solid, water, and plant tissue tests can be found below. Our bio solid tests are found under the "Soil Test" heading just before the "Water Test" heading. All testing is also subject to the following policies:
1. A sample receiving fee of $3 will be assessed for each sample submitted.
2. Samples received in sets of 20 or more will receive a 30% discount.
3. BYU faculty/staff and government agencies will receive special pricing. Click here to view government price list.

If you are unsure which test would be proper for the analysis you want completed, please contact a member of our research staff to discuss your project. Our research staff is available M-F 9:00 AM–5:00 PM MST at (801) 422-2147, or can be reached via email at

When you know the test you would like performed please visit our Sample Submission page to complete our Sample Submission Form. We look forward to assisting you!
Download the Price List here

Soil Test Description Price/Sample
sample prep Drying and grinding (required for most samples) $3.00
S1 (Partial Nutrient) pH, EC, P, K $20.00
S2 (Macro Nutrient) pH, EC, P, K, NO3-N, OM $30.00
S3 (Complete Nutrient) pH, EC, P, K, NO3-N, OM, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu $42.00
S4 (Complete Topsoil)

pH, EC, P, K, NO3-N, NH4-N, SO4-S, CaCO3,

CEC, OM, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu

S5 (Complete)

pH, EC, P, K, NO3-N, NH4-N, SO4-S, CaCO3,

CEC, OM, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, Total N & C, Texture

UDOT Topsoil pH, EC, SAR, OM, Texture, Gravel $46.00
LDS Church Topsoil pH, EC, SAR, OM, NO3-N, P, K, Fe, Texture, Gravel $72.00
C1 (Compost) pH, EC, SAR, C, N, Moisture $35.00
pH Saturated paste $5.00
EC Salinity $7.00
pH, EC pH and Salinity $9.00
SAR Sodium Adsorption Ratio $15.00
pH, EC, SAR pH, Salinity, and Sodium Adsorption Ratio $20.00
B Saturated paste $13.00
OM Organic Matter (Walkley-Black) or Loss On Ignition $12.00
NO3-N (1) Nitrate-nitrogen (Chromotropic acid) $10.00
NO3-N (2) Nitrate-nitrogen (2M KCl) $10.00
NH4-N Ammonium-nitrogen (2M KCl) $13.00
NO3-N + NH4-N 2M KCl, FIA $18.00
Total N Combustion $15.00
Total C Combustion $15.00
Total C and N Carbon to nitrogen ratio $20.00
P Phosphorus (Olsen) $9.00
K Potassium (Olsen) $8.00
SO4-S Sulfate (500 ppm P extraction) $11.00
SO4-S Water soluble $11.00
Exchangeable Ions Ca, Mg, K, Na (NH4OAc) $20.00
Micronutrients Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu (DTPA) $12.00
Fe DTPA $10.00
CEC Cation Exchange Capacity $40.00
CaCO3 Calcium carbonate $15.00
Gypsum water of hydration method $16.00
Texture % Sand, Silt, Clay (Hydrometer) $15.00
Sand Size Fractions $18.00
Gravel % gravel (by volume) $5.00
Moisture Saturation % moisture of a saturated paste $7.00
Moisture 1/3 Bar % moisture at field capacity $25.00
Moisture 15 Bar % moisture at permanent wilting point $25.00
Acid Base Potential $55.00
B, As, Se Boron, Arsenic, Selenium $15.00
Cl Chloride $13.00
Resin Capsules 2 M HCl extraction $30.00

Water Test Description Price/Sample
Sample Prep Sample preparation/filtration $3.00
Dilution Sample dilution $3.00
pH $5.00
EC Salinity $5.00
SAR Sodium Adsorption Ratio, Ca, Mg, Na $15.00
Nitrate-N Cadmium reduction (Fialyzer) $10.00
Ammonium-N Salicylate method (Fialyzer) $10.00
NO3-N + NH4-N Flow Injection Analysis (Fialyzer) $11.00
SRP Orthophosphate- Ascorbic acid (Fialyzer) $10.00
Total Dissolved N Combustion $15.00
Dissolved Organic C Non-purgeable organic carbon $15.00
TDN + DOC $17.00
Total P Microwave Digestion + ICP $20.00
Cl Chloride $10.00
HCO3 Bicarbonate $12.00
W1 pH, EC, SAR, P, K, S, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Cl, HCO3 $45.00
ICP-single $15.00
ICP-complete $25.00

Plant Tissue Test Description Price/Sample
Sample Prep  Drying and Grinding (required for most samples) $3.00 
P1 Plant Fertility- Total N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Na, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, B $35.00
P2 Total element composition, 24 elements (microwave + ICP) $30.00
Total N Combustion $15.00
Total N and C Combustion $20.00
NO3-N Nitrate $13.00
Moisture/Dry matter  $7.00
Ash $10.00