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Cheatgrass Research Lab Students

Daniel Machado

Cheatgrass Research Lab - Daniel Machado
Bristlecone Pine Genotyping Project

Timothy Harris

Cheatgrass Research Lab - Timothy Harris
Cheatgrass genotyping

Austin Vaclaw

Bristlecone Pine Genotyping

Katie Collins

Holmgrens Vetch Genotyping

Michael Bruno

Cheatgrass Pathogens

Taryn Williamson

Cheatgrass Research Lab - Taryn Williamson
Taryn is an M.S. student who started graduate work in September 2016. Her research is developing a qPCR assay to measure fungal load in soil samples taken from cheatgrass die-off areas in the Great Basin. She is testing the hypothesis that there is variation in the amount of Fusarium, Rutstroemia, Epicoccum nigrum and Pyrenophora semeniperda in die-off soils correlated with the amount of time that has passed since the die-off.

Nathan Ricks

Cheatgrass Research Lab - Nathan Ricks
Nathan is an M.S. student who started his graduate work in May 2017. His research is assembling and annotating genome sequences from three Rutstroemia isolates and two Fusarium isolates cultured from cheatgrass seeds collected in die-off soils. He will also conduct a metagenomics analysis of ascomycete fungi residing in die-off soils to learn what variation, if any, exists between soils where die-offs occurred recently, more distant in the past, or not at all.