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Why Environmental Science?

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary major/minor that applies biological, physical, and information sciences to solve challenges in natural and managed ecosystems. Students start from the ground up (from Soil Science to Ecosystem Science) and study the interaction of things such as plants, water, microbes, and policies.

As you go through your degree, you will discover how societal and ecological dynamics shape the world we live in. You will learn how environmental pressures affect the human family and then acquire the tools you need to make a difference in our rapidly changing world. From improving sustainability in our communities to measuring the pulse of the planet, come join us and help build a better world for humanity and all of God’s creations.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Environmental Science
Environmental scientists, such as Dr. Booth pictured here, tend to have very high career satisfaction.
2. Mentored Research
PWSci/mentored research  216 x 144.jpg
Most environmental students participate in mentored research with many opportunities for research, leadership and authorship. Mentored research provides excellent experience for job, graduate school, and professional school applications.
Annual Environmental Science study abroad opportunities that allow you to take core courses overseas as well as participate in research and experience new cultures.
Career placement opportunities in the private sector, the public sector, NGOs and local, state, and federal government. Excellent preparation for professional school and graduate school.
From field trips to networking events to engaging panel discussions, the Environmental Science Club is known for incredible events and fantastic members.
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