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Get involved

If you are passionate about applying genomic data to biodiversity research or if you are interested in gaining experience in the field or lab, please reach out. Prior experience is not required to get involved in lab research and folks from all different majors are welcome.

For Graduate Students

If you are interested in graduate school, email Dr. Frandsen. He is always happy to chat with prospective graduate students.

For Undergraduate Students

Here are some ways that you can get involved...

  1. Mentored Research: You can enroll in PWS 494R with Dr. Frandsen. Each semester, we select a few students for the “Mentored Research Experience” course. The course requires that you enroll for credits that will translate into hours that you spend doing research-related activities each week. You have the option to sign up for 2 to 6 credit hours. Each full credit translates to 3 hours of lab work each week. If you are interested in enrolling in PWS 494R, please reach out to Dr. Frandsen at paul_frandsen (at)
  2. Paid Opportunities: Most of the paid opportunities in the lab are provided to those students who have participated in mentored research in the past. However, we occasionally have specific needs in the lab that must be filled by students that fit those needs (e.g. have a particular skill set, such as coding or illustration). Feel free to email Dr. Frandsen to inquire about these opportunities.