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Chaston Blog

2 Jun 2020
Microbiome of the Queensland Fruit Fly Through Metamorphosis - in Bactrocera tryoni. Looked at pupal stage. Also looked at fungi. Sort of like Wong 2011.

The Human Tumor Microbiome Is Composed of Tumor Type-Specific Intracellular Bacteria - Tumor-specific microbiota! But can't access it yet. Very curious if they did any work to distinguish dead and living cells. Apparently bacteria are known to inhabit tumors, but i did not know this!

Longitudinal Analysis Reveals Transition Barriers Between Dominant Ecological States in the Gut Microbiome - Very cool to use paired and longitudinal microbiome and metabolome data. Hopefully future work can get us deeper than the Bacteroides / Prevotella divide. Interested if any wearable data are correlated with the microbiota, but this paper is just the serum metabolite and clinical chemistry profile. Nice to give the paper an ecological touch.

Metagenome-wide association study of gut microbiome revealed novel aetiology of rheumatoid arthritis in the Japanese population - Human MGWA for rheumatoid arthritis implicates bacterial redox, fatty acid biosynthesis, glycosaminoglycan degradation genes.

Predictive Biology: Modelling, Understanding and Harnessing Microbial Complexity. Nature Reviews Microbiology, AJ Lopatkin and JJ Collins. No article access yet.

Ageing and genetic background influence anaesthetic effects in a D. melanogaster model of blunt trauma with brain injury - GWAS paper

Impact of the Gut Microbiota on Atorvastatin Mediated Effects on Blood Lipids - "The cholesterol lowering effect of atorvastatin was significantly attenuated in mice with depleted gut microbiota". Depletion was done with antibiotics, not a germ-free facility, so depletion may have really meant change. There was a difference in body weight but didn't see anything on a quick scan for tests confrming mic were bacteria free (they were not).

16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequence Data From Feces of Wild Deer (Cervus Nippon) in Japan - could be useful ref for deer paper.
28 May 2020
Peptidoglycan Production by an Insect-Bacterial Mosaic. Here we show that horizontally transferred genes on the mealybug genome work together with genes retained on the Moranella genome to produce a PG layer exclusively at the Moranella cell periphery. Mealybug with Moranella that live inside of Tremblaya. McCutcheon lab. Cell.
Interactions of Symbiotic Partners Drive the Development of a Complex Biogeography in the Squid-Vibrio Symbiosis. 3 invaginations > expansion to 3 pores > V. fischeri migration through three anatomically distinct regions to blind-ended crypts, with a dynamic bottleneck and spatial restriction in crypts. Bottlenecks maintain daily expulsion. Not influenced by known MAMPs and requires live cells. Vibrio-Squid. McFall-Ngai, Ruby, Goldman labs. mBio.
March 09, 2020 02:08 PM
By generating starvation- resistant flies through experimental evolution, these researchers at UNLV were able to more closely observe the relationships between sleep behavior, feeding, foraging, and starvation resistance. Because sleep and feeding are related to metabolic rates, they could potentially contribute to Drosophila melanogaster resistance under starvation conditions. The flies used in this experiment have been bred over 60 generations in order to become starvation resistant. These flies were bred on an agar diet that was devoid of calories, and live around 18 days when under starvation conditions. Flies that have not been selected for starvation resistance survive around 2-3 days. Read Full Story
March 09, 2020 02:06 PM
Ethanol Sensitivity and Tolerance in Long-Term Memory Mutants of Drosophila melanogaster - Berger - 2008 - Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Wiley Online Library Mutants of the learning and/or memory pathways have differential responses to ethanol tolerance. Some mutants increased amnesia/learning loss, while others had an opposite effect to ethanol tolerance. Researchers tested a collection of 60 long-term memory mutants for 52 loci where these mutants limit learning so normal function of each mutation are thought to play into the long-term memory pathway. Researchers then ran an ethanol assay and quantified the ethanol tolerance of each mutant. The data suggests that these pathways overlap and suggest specific genes for each pathway. Read Full Story