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Manillagrass (Zoysia grass)

Zoysia matrella

Scientific name: Zoysia matrella

Common name: Manila Grass (zoysiagrass)

Manila grass has all the qualities of a Zoysiagrass, but it is less cold tolerant and has a finer texture than Japanese zoysiagrass. It grows in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. It’s a warm season grass that grows very slowly (slower than Japanese zoysiagrass), so it is preferable to plant it by plugging (putting in plugs of grass). It spreads by rhizome and stolon, so it can repair itself but needs time. It needs 3-5 fertilizer applications each year with extra potassium in cooler climates. Manila grass comes from the Philippines. It likes sun to part shade, but will thin in dense shade. It is recommended to mow it to a 2” height. It needs ¾-1” of water each watering and requires drying out periods between. It was introduced to America in the 1900’s.