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Supina bluegrass

Poa supina

Scientific name: Poa supina

Common name: Supina bluegrass

Supina bluegrass is from Europe and is used commonly for golf courses and lawns. It is a cold season grass that is also very resistant to fungal pathogens, making it less expensive to maintain. Its name comes from its ability to grow along cattle trails. It spreads by stolons (above ground horizontal stems) and prefers cool, moist environments where it grows very fast. It is lighter in color than other grasses. Aeration is important for breaking up its thatch layer. It also prefers to be mowed low ¾-1½”. Its seeds are more expensive than other seeds, but in a mixture with other turfgrass it will do well (though it will eventually dominate the stand). It has very good traffic tolerance and is very shade tolerant. It needs 1-1½” of water weekly. It can do well in up to 90% shade.