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Smooth brome

Bromis inermis

Scientific Name: Bromus inermis

Common Name: Smooth brome

Smooth brome is invasive in many parts of the northern US. It is originally from Europe and has a pretty seedhead. It is planted usually for pasture land forage or for erosion control. It is a cool season grass, so it grows best in the spring and fall and slows down in the summer. It’s drought tolerant, but can use some irrigation (it needs at least 16 inches annually). When planted near legume species, it doesn’t need as much nitrogen fertilization, but when it is not, applying some fertilizer in the spring and fall will help maintain its vigor. It requires a pH between 6.0 and 7.5. It spreads by seed, tiller and rhizome. It needs sun or partial shade. It can be foraged when it gets 10” tall, but should not be foraged too heavily (above 60% is very detrimental to it). It germinates slowly, so a good clean seedbed is needed. It can get a rooting depth of up to 4 feet.