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Rough bluegrass

Poa trivialis

Scientific name: Poa trivialis

Common name: Rough bluegrass

Rough bluegrass has poor drought, wear, and high temperature tolerance, so it’s not recommended for most areas as a turfgrass. It is very cold tolerant, so it is a cool season grass. It grows by stolon and does have a slight boatshape at the tip like Kentucky bluegrass (KB), but it grows by stolon unlike KB. It is also a lighter shade of green than KB. It is shade tolerant, so it is often included in the seed mix with KB. It likes to be mowed between 1-2½”. It likes frequent irrigation, as well as fertilization during the active growth period. It is often considered a weed in other grasses, since it’s usually a light color and reproduces easily by seed. It has poor resistance to disease and insects. Another poor feature of rough bluegrass is its shallow rooting depth. There are cultivars that are trying to improve these issues. It is native to Eurasia.