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Creeping red fescue

Festuca rubra ssp. Rubra

Scientific name: Festuca rubra ssp. Rubra

Common name: Creeping Red Fescue

Like many of the other fine fescues, creeping red fescue does not like heat. It is a cool season grass that grows slowly by very short rhizomes. It prefers cooler climates with drier soils. Red Fescue’s thatch layer tends to be more dry and porous than other turf species which can affect how the ball rolls in golf. Deep and infrequent watering is the way to water this turf species. Due to a deep root system, Red fescue requires less nitrogen between ⅘-1⅕ lbs/1000 sq. ft. nitrogen annually On a golf green, Red fescue can be cut to a height of 4.5-8 mm. (~⅛-~¼ in.) tall. As a lawn, creeping red fescue prefers 2-2.5” mowing height. Many classify this grass as the faster spreading version of Chewings fescue. The red in the name comes from the wheat-colored seed head it produces if it is allowed to grow a seed head.