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Chewings fescue

Festuca rubra ssp. Commutata

Scientific name: Festuca rubra ssp. Commutata

Common name: Chewings fescue

Chewings Fescue is an aggressive bunch type grass that will take over lawns easily. Chewings fescue is a cool season grass. This is one of the fine fescues meaning it has a fine texture to it. It does better in acidic low fertility soils than wet fertile soil, and does not like oscillating temperature extremes (such as in full sun areas). It likes shade and is drought tolerant. It’s pretty good at taking wear. Needs between 0.2 and 0.6 lbs nitrogen/1000 sq. ft. for each active growing month. Chewings fescue prefers watering deeply and infrequently. Mow to the height of 1.5-2.5” tall. It was first cultivated in New Zealand by George Chewings.