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Brayden Johnson 2020.jpg

Brayden Johnson

Student Greenhouse Manager
Greenhouse Staff

Brayden has worked in the Life Science Greenhouse since January of 2020. He is a Landscape Management major in the Department of Plant and Wildlife Science and is minoring in Business.

Brayden is a Utah native, he enjoys Snowboarding during the winter months and playing tennis, hiking and hanging out with his dogs ("during the sad part of the year when the mountains are lacking snow").

Brayden says:
"I love plants!! I have enjoyed every minute of working in the greenhouse! I highly recommend being a part of the program [Landscape Management] or even pursuing a minor in the discipline if you have ANY interest in the industry. There's more than meets the eye when it comes to the greenhouse and landscaping! It took me some time to find what I loved and I wouldn't have found it without this Greenhouse."

Brayden plans on pursuing a careering in landscape design, but is keeping his plans open for great opportunities in the future.