Research assistant

Focus Area: Other
Institution Name: Thunder Basin Grasslands Prairie Ecosystem Association
Location: Thunder Basin National Grassland, Bill, WY
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Application Deadline:
Job Start Date: 5/22/2017
Compensation: $2250 to $2580 per month
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Research assistant for the Thunder Basin Prairie Ecosystem Association (TBGPEA). TBGPEA is a non-profit organization established to provide private landowner leadership in developing a responsible, science-based approach to long-term management of the lands of its members. Over the last ten years the Association has focused its efforts on developing ecosystem-based conservation measures. These measures are designed to address the habitat needs of species of concern in northeastern Wyoming in balance with the need for sustainable economic and social activities and preservation of cultural values.

TBGPEA is collaborating with the USDA-ARS Rangeland Resources Systems Research Unit (RRSRU) to develop new knowledge about ecological processes in Thunder Basin and apply this knowledge to improved management for production and conservation objectives. The Research Assistant will be supervised by the Board of TBGPEA with input from RRSRU scientists. The Assistant will be responsible for collecting scientific data from field experiments to evaluate how climate, fire, soils, grazing management, and global change affect ecological phases, states, transitions and thresholds in semi-arid rangeland ecosystems. If time permits, the Assistant may help evaluate Association member’s property as part of the Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances implementation.

Contact Information:

Send application materials (cover letter, resume, references) and/or questions to:

Dave Pellatz

Executive Director

Thunder Basin Grasslands Prairie Ecosystem Association

671 Steinle Rd

Douglas, WY 82633


and copy to:

Lauren Porensky

Research Ecologist

Rangeland Resources Systems Research Unit


1701 Centre Ave.

Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA


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