Graduate Research Assistantship: Human Dimensions of Rangeland Restoration

Focal Area: WIldife & Wildlands
Institution Name: Utah State University’s Department of Environment and Society
Terminal Degree:
Start Date:
Application Deadline:

Utah State University’s Department of Environment and Society (ENVS) is offering a two-year, graduate research assistantship to join an interdisciplinary team of scientists looking for ways to improve decisions about rangeland restoration.

The research assistant will assist with development and testing of a web-based decision support tool that will help public or private land managers obtain information about regional climate predictions and their relationship to success of restoration planting and vegetation management that occurs after a wildfire or to improve ecological resilience.
The work entails interviews and focus groups with land managers and prospective users of the new tool about their needs and preferences for restoration-relevant information, as well as collaboration with climate and range scientists who will be developing the tool itself.

The research assistant must be admitted to and enrolled in one of the department’s graduate degree programs.
We offer MS degrees in Ecology, Geography, and Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Science and Management (HDESM); doctorates in Ecology and HDESM.
Compensation includes a monthly stipend and contribution toward the university’s student insurance program.
Some tuition and fee waivers may also be available. Starting date for the assistantship is the beginning of the Fall 2013 term (August 26, 2013).

Contact Information:

Interested persons should contact

Dr. Mark Brunson
Department of Environment and Society
Utah State University
5215 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-5215

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