IGERT PhD positions: Genes to Environment

Focal Area: Genetics and Biotechnology
Institution Name: Northern Arizona University
Terminal Degree: PhD
Location: NAU
Start Date: 12/1/2009
Application Deadline: 2/1/2010

*Northern Arizona University IGERT Program in Integrative Bioscience: Genes to Environment * Northern Arizona Univ. IGERT PhD positions: Genes to Environment NAU invites applications for up to 4 PhD student traineeships for students admitted for the 2010/11 academic year. The purpose of this program is to provide students with instruction and research training focused on linkages between molecular genetics and ecosystem phenomena, with emphasis on multi-scale modeling approaches. Applicants will work with a mentor from the Biology or Forestry PhD programs at NAU. This program is funded by the National Science Foundation. Program graduates will have the skills to address fundamental and applied questions of genetic influences on ecosystem function and response to environmental change. Unique aspects of this program include: 1) multidisciplinary research with a special emphasis on working across scales, 2) inclusion of molecular methodology and applied statistics coursework in all programs of study, 3) seminar courses covering scientific ethics, statistics and modeling, and student research, featuring guest speakers from integrative disciplines, 4)unique internships with community colleges, federal agencies, and Native American high schools to broaden the graduate experience and enhance connections between the research and the broader community. The NAU Integrative Bioscience PhD program will prepare innovative and creative scientists to become leaders in research, science outreach and communication, and environmental problem solving. Traineeship packages will include $30,000/year stipend support for two years, with continued support as teaching or research assistants at more traditional stipend levels. Applicants must concurrently apply to doctoral programs in the Department of Biological Sciences or the School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University. Application deadlines for the 2010/11 academic year will be February 1, 2010. Applications will consist of 1) standard applications required for Biology or Forestry graduate programs (including three letters of reference) and 2) a 2 page essay on how this program would address your research, educational, and career goals. Please go to or contact us by email or phone for more information: Dr. Catherine Gehring:, (928)523-9158 or Dr. Amy Whipple:, (928)523-8727

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