University of Georgia Graduate Assistanship

Focal Area: Environmental Science
Institution Name: The University of Georgia
Terminal Degree:
Location: Athens, GA
Stiped: Assistantships include waived tuition and a yearly stipend.
Start Date:
Application Deadline:

The University of Georgia Department of Crop and Soil Sciences invites applications for a M.S. or Ph.D. student for a graduate assistantship in the area of turfgrass physiology. Research focus will be on abiotic stresses of warm season grasses such as drought or salinity stress. Emphasis will be placed on the characterization of plant responses to abiotic stresses and determining underlying mechanisms of stress tolerance by combining whole plant physiology and molecular biology. Potential to use advanced molecular biology techniques such as proteomic analysis or metabolite profiling to explore stress tolerances in turfgrasses as part of graduate research.

Graduate assistants will have primary roles in the design, execution, and analysis of research projects with opportunities to present results at scientific meetings.

Basic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in plant science, biology, or other related degrees. Other requirements including excellent written and oral communication skills, and a strong self-motivated work ethic are required. Previous experience in turfgrass or laboratory research is desired.

Contact Information:
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For more information or questions about this position, interested applicants should contact Dr. David Jespersen via email at