Graduate Research- Miscanthus establishment and fertiity response on mined lands

Focal Area: Other
Institution Name: Penn State University
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Location: State College, Pennsylvania
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We seek an exceptional student to conduct research on Miscanthus establishment and growth on reclaimed mined lands, including investigation of biomass production response to inorganic and organic soil amendments and nutrient additions. This research is part of the Northeast Woody/Warm Season Biomass (NEWBio) Consortium effort to develop production of biomass feedstocks on marginal and minded lands in the Northeast United States. The research will utilize agronomic field experiments to study fate of applied nutrients and response and uptake by miscanthus. Applicants should have a B.S. in Soil Science, Agronomy, Plant Science, Horticulture, Environmental Science or other closely related field, demonstrated excellence in undergraduate course work and written and oral communication skills. The successful applicant can enroll in either the Soil Science or Agronomy graduate degree programs. The Research Assistantship includes waiver of tuition and fees and $20,500 annual stipend. Available August 2014.

For further information about this position please contact:
Professor Richard Stehouwer
Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Penn State University
Phone: 814-863-7640
Professor Marvin Hall
Department of Plant Science, Penn State University
Phone: 814-863-1019

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