Graduate Research Assistant

Focal Area: Other
Institution Name: Illinois State University
Terminal Degree:
Location: Normal, Illinois
Stiped: $1025-$1250/month
Start Date: 6/1/2014
Application Deadline:

Graduate research assistants are generally assigned to individual faculty members to assist with their research, and the majority of the assigned duties are tied to this research. The nature of the assistance varies by discipline and can involve a variety of activities such as:
1. Library work
2. Proposal writing
3. Data gathering
4. Data analysis For this specific position, the candidate will be a graduate student member of the Cover Crop and Nutrient Research Program within the Departments of Agriculture and Geology. In support of field and watershed scale research projects, the candidate's duties will include, but are not limited to:
1. Managing the collection and analysis of soil, water, and plant samples from the field
2. Operating and maintaining laboratory and field equipment
3. Conducting analysis using instruments such as ion chromatograph, inductive coupled plasma, Leco N analyzer, and flow injection analysis.
4. Analyze and interpret data
5. Give written and oral presentations of research results

Required Qualifications
1. Eligible for appointment as per the requirements in the Graduate Assistant Handbook which can be found at
2. If this position is Security Sensitive or if you are subject to a criminal background investigation based on University policy, employment is contingent upon you passing a satisfactory criminal background investigation. You may not begin work until the criminal background investigation results have been received and cleared by Human Resources.
3. Completion of a full 4-year course of study that included at least 12 semester hours in any combination of courses such as chemistry, soil science, hydrology, water quality, biological engineering, or any branch of mathematics, except financial and commercial mathematics.

Desired Qualifications:
Preference will be given to a degree seeking graduate student at Illinois State University within the Department of Agriculture or Geography-Geology.

Special Instructions:
Required Applicant Documents lists "Other", which is three letters of recommendation. Please scan these into one document and attach as "Other".

Required Applicant Documents lists "Essay", which is a statement of purpose addressing the items mentioned as specific duties in the General Summary section.

"Transcript 1" is a required applicant document. This should include your undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcript.

As per the Graduate Handbook, you cannot be hired as a Graduate Assistant until you have begun your graduate course of study. For graduate students entering Illinois State in Fall 2014, your graduate course of study is deemed to begin on 8/16/14. If offered this position, you will be hired as a student worker until that date.

Screening of applicants will begin no later than April 1, 2014.

The position includes a full tuition waiver during the contract period. Student fees are not covered by the tuition waiver.

You must be eligible for employment in the United States and at Illinois State University and/or for the number of hours required for the position.*

*If you are an international student the rules/laws for your visa status may place limits on your employment eligibility. Students are responsible for knowing and following all applicable visa status rules/laws. If you are not certain whether your visa status allows you to accept an assistantship or additional work hours, contact the Office of International Studies and Programs immediately for clarification. The University cannot grant exceptions to visa status rules/laws.

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Contact Information:
Dr. Shalamar Armstrong

Dr. Catherine O'Reilly