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Genetics, Genomics, & Biotechnology

Students who major in Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology choose to follow one of four available course tracks depending on individual interest. Each track includes a comprehensive core of courses in genetics, biology and chemistry along with more specialized offerings.

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Top Reasons to Choose Genetics, Gemomics & Biotechnology as a Major

1. Stellar Facilities

The Genetics, Genomics & Biotechnology program is located in the newly built BYU Life Sciences Building. We have state of the art facilities and new vehicles that allow students to do cutting edge research.

2. Scholarships

In addition to Forbes Magazine listing BYU as the best value for private colleges and number two overall, the Genetics, Genomics & Biotechnology major has many scholarships for students to help finance undergraduate education.

3. Mentored Research

The Genetics, Genomics & Biotechnology Program has money set aside for undergraduate students to participate in mentored research. This allows students to gain knowledge and experience working alongside their professor. To participate in mentored research, contact your professor for approval.

4. Get into Graduate School

BYU Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology students have high placement in graduate programs both here at BYU and across the country.

5. Internships

Professors in the Genetics, Genomics & Biotechnology Program at BYU study cutting edge research topics. Internship opportunities are available both here on campus as well as in the private sector nationwide.