Project Analyst, Entry-level

Focus Area: Environmental Science
Institution Name: PERC Water
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Application Opening Date: May 2, 2018
Application Deadline: Until Filled
Job Start Date: Contact Perc Water
Compensation: Contact Perc Water


Project Analyst,  Entry-level 

Asset Mgmt Project Analyst_May 2018 Document
The earth is green and blue.  PERC Water recycles water to keep it that way.  PERC Water team members know each other by name and work together to accomplish our goals.  Our Asset Management division is comprised of operators, coordinators, and managers that work together to ensure optimum performance from our Facilities.  PERC Water is seeking a qualified Data and Reporting Specialist to add to this team.  This organized individual must work well with others and will meet deadlines. Below is a summary detailing this individual’s responsibilities and needed skills:  

• Responsibilities: o Reporting: The Data and Reporting Specialist communicates with field operations leaders to gather information for Monthly Asset Management Reports (MAMRs).  MAMRs detail the performance of each of PERC Water’s Water Recycling Facilities, including flow data, maintenance reports, and lab results.  MAMRs are delivered each month to each client.  The Data and Reporting Specialist must be able to gather and assemble facility performance information from PERC Water’s database, various labs, and field operators efficiently in order to distribute MAMRs on time.   In addition, the Data and Reporting Specialist compares the limits outlined in our operating permits to facility performance and lab results to ensure all Facilities are in compliance.  
 o Data Management: Indications of Facility performance come primarily via lab results and onsite facility records.  These are compiled and entered to PERC Water’s database.  The Data and Reporting Specialist is responsible for ensuring all Facility performance data is in this database and performs various analyses to identify trends and, if possible, predict problems or deficiencies in Facility operations. The Data and Reporting Specialist often assembles Facility performance data into visually appealing reports and presentations.  His/her attendance may be required at meetings with clients and company leadership to give insight into the reports, figures, and trends.  
• Skills/characteristics:  o Comfortable / proficient working with Mac OS o Proficient in Microsoft Office  § Advanced knowledge of Excel (linking, creating formulas, formatting, etc.) is preferred o Proficient in Adobe Acrobat (linking, formatting, etc.) o Technical (but simplistic) writing o Organized, tidy o Able to maintain schedule and meet deadlines o Able to solve problems and represent data visually in a clear and concise manner o Great communication, follow-up, and follow-through skills  o Willing to try new things and, when needed, aid in a variety of projects (proposal writing, resume management, implement new data analysis tools, etc.) o Passion for water, recycling, sustainability is a plus 
 This individual will work in our Costa Mesa, CA location. 


If interested, please contact Melissa Jo Townsend via email: .   

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