Wildlife Acoustic Specialist

Focus Area: Wildlife
Institution Name: Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Location: Laramie, WY
Application Opening Date: 12/5/2017
Application Deadline: 12/19/2017
Job Start Date:
Compensation: $21.17/hr


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Coordinate and supervise a project to develop standardized protocols for using automated recording systems to acoustically inventory and monitor amphibians in Wyoming. Will be responsible for researching acoustic protocols, deploying acoustic monitoring stations, and analyzing acoustic data. Responsibilities also include communicating and coordinating regularly with collaborators at WGFD and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and writing interim and final reports to summarize progress and results.
This is a 1-year project and contract position, funded from approximately February 2018 to February 2019.
The objectives of the project are to:

1) Conduct a pilot program to begin developing standardized protocols for acoustic data collection for amphibians;

2) Test protocols and collect acoustic recordings for Wyoming's amphibians;

3) Use recordings to develop and test automated species recognition programs (recognizers) for Wyoming's amphibians;

4) Explore opportunities for collaboration across agencies and organizations to acoustically monitor amphibians and bats across large spatial extents.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The listed functions are illustrative only and are not intended to describe every function which may be performed in the job level.

• Develop automated acoustic recording protocols for amphibians. Protocols will include recommendations on the types of recording devices used, survey season, timing of daily recordings, duration of deployment at survey sites, type of microphone used, and recorder settings.

• Conduct field study to test the effectiveness of protocols for multiple amphibian species.

• Coordinate efforts with other Wyoming Game and Fish personnel, the Bureau of Land Management, and other resource managers involved in the project.

• Spend extended periods (1-2 weeks at a time) in remote field locations.

• Research and test several software programs commonly used for analysis of acoustic data.

• Use acoustic recordings collected during this and past studies to develop automated acoustic recognition programs (recognizers) for Wyoming's 11 frog and toad species.

• Make purchases for the project, file appropriate paperwork, and manage project budget.

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