Information About Our Program

Admission to Degree Program

All degree programs in the Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences are open enrollment.

The Discipline

Disciplines in the Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences focus on four of the great dilemmas facing mankind in the twenty-first century: harnessing biological technology to meet the needs of an expanding human population in the developing world; assessing and minimizing the impact of human activities on an increasingly vulnerable environment; managing and conserving wildlife and wildlands; and adapting urban landscaping to meet increasing water, space and other resource limitations while enhancing the aesthetic quality of urban environments.

Majors offered provide a flexible education for directly entering the job market or preparing for professional schools in business, engineering, the health professions (medical and dental schools), landscape architecture, law, public administration, or science.

Wildlife and wildlands conservation is directed at managing wildland ecosystems--optimizing the function and services of natural ecosystems. Students are educated in wildland plants, animals, soils, and ecology, as well as wildlife and land management techniques. This focused approach not only qualifies students for  federal job series occupations but also prepares them to work for a wide array of government and private land-management and conservation agencies.

Undergraduate Programs and Degrees

BS Environmental Science
BS Genetics and Biotechnology
BS Landscape Management
BS Plant Biology
BS Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation
Minor Landscape Management
Minor Environmental Science

For more information regarding our Undergraduate programs see the BYU 2008-2009 Catalog,

Graduate Programs and Degrees

MS Environmental Science
MS Genetics and Biotechnology
MS Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation
PhD Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation

For more information see the BYU 2008-2009 Graduate Catalog